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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Springtime for birds ...

I've had another weekend down in Sussex.
On Friday, it was warmer than it's been of late which meant a journey out for Mum was on the cards... the sun was hazy but it was much warmer!!

We went to WWT Arundel.

A pair of Nene have produced 2

These "collection" birds (Coscorba Swans) are nesting and there are 5 eggs. I understand that they've not bred successfully yet so hopefully this year.........

Lichen ornamented the branches of the trees that lined the boardwalk

Shelduck were there in good number

and another "collection" bird... White Faced Whistling Duck

In the feeder area, a blue tit..

On Saturday I was with my Grandson and he very nobly accompanied me to RSPB Pulborough Brooks. Because of other "duties" we didn't get there till lunchtime and the new cafe supplied us with very nice toasted sandwiches!!

A nuthatch flew in and out at a rate of knots grabbing a peanut or..
sunflower seed.

I came back Sunday morning and tossed a coin as to where to go... I went to Bushy

A female Mallard was up in a tree..

And as I came to the far end of the pond, a Grey Heron provided entertainment for me. It was a very very dull day and had only just stopped raining!

It stood very still watching..

something caught its eye..

it looked up again

and then concentrated on a particular spot near the bank

Got it!! Seemed that frog was on the menu.

It stood very still after its snack..

turned and looked at me...
(obviously not impressed with what it saw)

looked around again.. but despite a fish splashing about, that was it for the time being.

Further on, two Mallard drakes were fighting..

Black-headed gulls lined up on the bridge railing.

A small herd of Fallow Deer Bucks, were grazing around the pond.

and in the Pheasantry gardens the trees were blossoming!

and the Willows are coming into leaf around the pond.

It started to drizzle again so I headed off for home.

And now, as I type this... the sun's come out and there's blue sky. Wouldn't it just!!


Anonymous said...

Great range of photo's Tricia.
Love the line up of B-H-Gulls, 4 Adult winter, 4 1st winter.
Well caught.


holdingmoments said...

Great sequence of the Heron catching the frog; and the shot of him staring at you, is priceless.

Pete said...

love the heron

Chris said...

Wow what a magnificent collection of encounter and pictures. I really love the heron sequence a lot, just a perfect observation and timing for the pictures ;-)

Glo said...

Terrific photos! Here's hoping for a successful outcome for the swans ~ the duck looks a little unusual on a tree, but great camouflage. Agreeing that the head on shot of the heron is priceless ~ and poor ol' frog down the hatch, gulp!
Such a wonderful variety of photos, and hopefully you were able to enjoy the sun later on as well.

oldcrow61 said...

The picture of the Heron face on is great. The little Blue Tit is so sweet and those blossoms...oh my, how marvelous.

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice capture! Spring time!

Kah Wai

Tricia said...

My apologies to you all for the late response to your comments!

Paul... thank you - think they were waiting for some food as usual!!

Keith... I've seen a Heron there on several occasions and it was there again the following day. Shall keep an eye on it...

I think it may have found a lemon rather than a frog that time!

Pete... thank you - obliging bird!

~Chris - thank you - waiting paid off in the end.

Glo. Thank you - at least being captive birds the staff will keep an eye on them but mother nature will have her way tho.

OC - Heron's may be common here but they never fail to entertain! And the blossom is wonderful at the moment... just wish you could pop over and see it!

Kah-Wai Lin... thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice a comment; it's good to see you here.

joco said...

And my apologies for a late comment :-)

Fabulous collection of the wildlife going on around you.
Never heard the word 'pheasantry' before, and such a good one. Now I'll think of you when I walk around ours.

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