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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gulls and a Greylag!

The northerly wind is relentless and not releasing its hold for the moment. Brrrrrrrrr

Yesterday I was hallucinating as I saw the sun....

I had a very brisk walk around Bushy with the wind causing my eyes to cry.

This Greylag Goose was the only one of its kind. Every year I see 1 greylag that hangs out with a flotilla of Canada Geese. I don't know if it's the same one but it had a very odd look at me!

There are hundreds of Black-headed gulls around the area -
again I was looked at very oddly ;)

They were flying crazily and most being carried on the wind... it was quite difficult to follow them with the camera and get any sort of focus but patience paid off

And that was it... I headed back to the car to get out of the wind. The quick nip around the pond certainly blew away the cobwebs!


Gary said...

What a great close up of that goose. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Roy said...

Sorry Tricia, you were obviously hallucinating as there is no such thing as Sun, only very dull grey overcast cloud.{:)

Gaina said...

I think that might be a Mediterranean Gull, you know....

Naturedigital said...

Great shots Tricia.

oldcrow61 said...

I love the picture of the Greylag. Great shots of the gulls as well. Wind,cold and watering eyes....sounds like here.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Tricia you are a real hero.
Those B-H-Gull shots are superb.
I too thought from those 1st 2 shots, it was a Med-Gull, but the real clue is your in flight shots
showing the underwing detail, note
P8-10, on a Med-Gull they would be almost translucent wings in flight. So here is a classic example of how important those in flight wing shots are.
So for me it's an Adult Summer B-H

Thanks so much for posting those photo's Tricia.


Glo said...

It was certainly worth your (and our) while(s) to brave the elements and take those terrific photos. You definitely were getting the 'look' from the birds, though ;) I wonder if their eyes were watering, too!

holdingmoments said...

Great flight captures Tricia.

Tricia said...

Gary.. thank you

Roy..thought I might have been!

Gaina...thanks you - others have suggested the same but I'm still in the BH Gull camp!

Thanks Costas

OC - thank you.... think it's cold everywhere... hope you get warmer soon though.

Paul.. thanks for all your help as usual...

Glo... nice one... it's always worth braving the cold to get some decent shots... thank you

Keith - thank you my friend :D

Gaina said...

Tricia, I was wrong :D. I follow the guys from Slimbridge on Twitter and asked them to ID my gull from a photo I took on Tuesday and it was a black headed gull like yours ;).

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