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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Views of my locals..

Last night the moon shone.. it was a Super moon

I managed a picture from an upstairs window but....

I've been using the Panasonic GF1 on occasions in conjunction with the dSLR. But sometimes I haven't downloaded the content.

So... just a few views of my local areas taken over the last couple of days.

London Wetland Centre in the sunshine yesterday.

Bushy Park first thing yesterday morning.

Today had me walking in Richmond Park. Not much about in terms of wildlife. In the deer were in hiding. Perhaps it was the dullness of the morning.

And that's it... just a few today.


Naturedigital said...

Great photographs and view of the moon.
I was prepared to take a few photographs of the bright and large full moon yesterday evening, but I was not counting the weather.
We had an overcast evening with lots of rain..
Maybe i will have more luck next full moon.
Have a great week Tricia.

ADRIAN said...

Were I voting on moon shots...I'm not I'm too jealous...I would award this one first prize. Thanks for posting large........It's superb.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful shot of the moon. I wish I were as good with the camera. Love the other pictures as well.

Roy said...

Well Tricia, the GF1 produces some pretty respectable scene shots.

Glo said...

Wonderful moon shot! I was able to see it through binoculars and a telescope. Lovely other photos too, and especially the swan one :_

spd said...

Moon is closest to us for 20 years and it was the equinox so we are now on the lighter side of the year. Fab photo xx

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