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Thursday, 18 August 2011

and on Saturday afternoon - Kiftsgate Court

Following on from yesterday's post (when we arrived at Hidcote Gardens in the Cotswolds), after lunch we went to its next door neighbour - about 1/8 mile away, if that, namely Kiftsgate Court

Before I talk about Kiftsgate, just to mention that I hired a lens for the few days we were away. I've a "landscape" lens which is 18-50 and the big lens the 100-400 but nothing but the macro lens inbetween those. I would like a lens that will cover a multitude of circumstances when I'm out and about generally and just need 1 lens to cover. Accordingly I hired the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f3/5-5.6 lens to put it through its paces.

Almost without exception, the pictures in my blog posts about the Cotswold trip, were taken with this lens. On the whole I was impressed although it was a bit soft on the 200mm end.

So - onto Kiftsgate Court. I'd visited there a while back with Mum but that was before blogging days it seems.

Kiftsgate is mostly high up and there's a steep hill going down away from the house.

and affords a wonderful view through the mature old trees.

Looking down below, a swimming pool..

It's very much a cottage garden type garden and small divided areas.. so something different around each corner..

This is a small building which you walk through...
to come out the other side to this very modern and angular water "feature". The leaves cascade water and is very effective... pity the sun wasn't out.

Now down by the swimming pool and looking back from whence we came

No idea what this is the seed-head of... ?

And another look at the golden leaves and water.

We had a piece of cake with our afternoon cuppa (well two pieces shared between us) - both rather nice :)

A great first day and then on to The Red Lion at Long Compton where we were staying. I can thoroughly recommend this Inn both for hospitality, accommodation and the food.... delish! :) The evening meal was not disappointing and presented a great difficulty in choosing what to eat- I need to put on weight!!


Wilma said...

It was a difficult decision to make, but my favorite photo is the one of what appears to be a sculpture of woman doing a sort of yoga pose in front of the hedge. Such a sense of peace and completeness seems to emanate from the image.

oldcrow61 said...

I envy you your travels. What beautiful things you see. Wonderful shots.

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