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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

School's out so we went to London.

I had my grandson up to stay for a couple of days last week and on our first day we went up to London's Southbank as there are various attractions celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain,

We were lucky that it wasn't raining and, in fact, we did have some sun to start with.

This ice cream van was the first thing that greated us.. and yes, we did indulge (Roskilly's brand and made not far from where J was born) and, in fact, I was treated to one by grandson J. Thank you :D

As we climbed up the steps towards the Festival Hall, this notice advised us about all the quotations, saying and poems that were exhibited.
(The picture below is best viewed enlarged - by clicking on the picture)

A few views of the London Eye

and street entertainers.. entertained with moving!

There were a series of beech huts along the way and this one caught my attention
(The picture below is best viewed enlarged - by clicking on the picture)

you could almost hear the lapping of the waves
(or the river moving against the wall lower down)

This "inter-active" water feature was much enjoyed by children and adults alike. The water jets were arranged in lines and would form boxes... your job (should you wish to take it) was to try avoiding getting trapped in a "room". :D

We climbed up some steps and looked back and down..

This is one of the gardens that has been created on the roof of a building.

As is this vegetable garden

complete with life-sized scarecrow.

and a gloriously happy Sunflower.

Looking down on the boat terminus..

and back down to earth again, this beach scene (commemorating Southend-on-Sea) was wonderfully colourful.

But the Urban Fox really intrigued us. High up on a roof and made of wooden framing and straw it gazed out over London.

Needless to say a Feral Pigeon made good use of a lofty perch.

Perhaps one day we'll see St. Paul's Cathedral without a sky-line of cranes.

We walked along the river further and passed the Oxo Building. Where, on the way back, we bought some King Prawn and avocado sandwiches which we sat and ate watching the river.

And back the way we had come... by now there were more street artists setting still!

These were rather fun!

And home.... a great day out in good company - thanks J....


ADRIAN said...

What a feast for you and for me.

oldcrow61 said...

I would have loved to have been there to see all that wonderful stuff. What a great day.

holdingmoments said...

London has changed a lot since I used to go there lol
Great series of pictures Tricia.
I love that old ice cream van.

Midmarsh John said...

Looked an interesting, enjoyable though exhausting day out.
The pigeon on the fox showed just how large the fox is.

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