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Monday, 29 August 2011

RSPB Rye Meads, Norfolk and Bushy Park

I went up north of the Thames on Friday prior to a day in Norfolk with Pete, and visited RSPB Rye Meads.

From the first hide saw a Juvenile Ruff and a Garganey.. that was nice!

A family of Little Grebes entertained us for a while..

Abundant berries are heralding the late summer ..

And about 3 of these Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillars were munching their way through plenty of greenery! They were huge!!

The following day we set off for Norfolk very early in the morning; we were well rewarded with this glorious sunrise as we greeted the day.

We travelled north in the expectation of having bacon, egg and sausage rolls at Walkers cafe en route. They weren't open as we got there and no signs of opening within a short time so, feeling even hungrier now, we headed off..... (oh what I would have given for .......)

Quite often our Norfolk trips are accompanied by bad weather and, although the day started brilliantly, the rain clouds gathered as we got nearer. However, we needn't have worried as they clouds lifted and glorious sunshine!!

We decided to walk from Morston Quay along to Blakeney... which is what we did...
As we set off from Marston, the clouds parted and the sun shone.

A solitary Oystercatcher

and although the water was filling the creek when we arrived in Blakeney, by the time we came back there was but a trickle of water at the bottom of the mud.

On the return trip, we noticed mother and foal in a field..

We arrived back at Morston and had a fresh Crab Sandwich....ooh it was luverly!!

as was watching this Greenshank!

Still early in the day so we headed off for Sculthorpe Moor
Signs of approaching Autumn..

It was incredibly quiet of birds or anything else that moved. A few birds were visiting the bird table including a pair of Bullfinches.

A darter stopped darting for a while and posed for its picture.

In the last hide before our return, a Marsh Harrier soared high in the distance - nice bird on a quiet day.

and Monday a quick trip over to Bushy Park. Nothing of any particular note in terms of birds.

I'd heard a Tck Tck Tck call in the shrubbery and, thinking it was a wren, I was pleased to see this Blackcap (not sure whether its a moulting male or a young one... any ideas?)

This family of Mallards have been in the same spot for a while now; sadly the number of ducklings is diminishing.

Mum had come out of the water but the bank was too steep here for her brood; she was getting quite anxious as her calls went unanswered.

finally she joined the family back in the water.

A red deer hind was coming out of the water..

and another enjoyed a grassy meal.

The sun back-lit these seed heads..

and to finish..... the fungi is appearing everywhere now.

I headed off home to catch up - an enjoyable time in Norfolk (thanks Pete) and a quiet visit to Bushy to round things off..


holdingmoments said...

A busy time Tricia.
The Little Grebes are lovely; I can never seem to get close to thee.
A fantastic sunrise; like a fire in the sky.
And Norfolk.......such a great place for birds.

Roy said...

Lots of great images Tricia, the Greenshank was interesting, have not seen one for a long time.

Wilma said...

Yes, but did you ever get breakfast? ;-) Seriously, these are lovely photos, Tricia. I especially like the derelict wooden boat and the mallard family.


Bertie Bainbridge said...

Blistering barnacles that elephant hawk-moth caterpillar is huge! It resembles a tropical snake in your photograph! Can you recall what plants they were feeding on? Excellent set of images, glad I stopped by.


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