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Friday, 12 August 2011

Wrest Park House and Gardens.. definitely worth a visit!

Pete was visiting Wrest Park last Saturday, ( an English Heritage property) and asked "was I interested?" "Oh yes please"... the gardens have just had more restoration and I was keen to see the house and gardens, not having been before.

We arrived early and managed to get "front row seats" in the car park, which was handy for getting out. The attendance, following much publicity about the restoration, had brought visitors out (since 1 August) in the hundreds it seemed.

If you're near the area at any time I would recommend a visit.. there is so much to see and the gardens cover a very large area. Some very well manicured and other areas much more left to "do their own thing".

On arrival, we had a cuppa and piece of cake... again another recommendation.

So, the tour starts here:

Now this really intrigued me - it's a Bath House. I'd hoped (rather romantically) that it had a history but no... it was built as a ruin but it was intriguing nonetheless.

And this nearby tree, had a small brick wall built underneath it. You could wall from right to left underneath the roots of the tree...and there was a small water tank housed underneath all the masonry (on the left)...

This was the water tank to the left of the tree roots.

The rose garden was so colourful with lots of "old fashioned" roses with marvellous scent.

I just love the colours of these..

And around and about in the house..

An excellent visit and the weather wasn't too unkind either... :)

We were going to have soup in the cafe for lunch but the queue was enormous!! We both agreed that they need to sort out the "work flow" for the catering area but the cafe looks good and certainly the cakes and drinks were excellent. We decided to have a quick sandwich from a rather well-know supermarket.. not quite the same but I'm sure we managed to eat earlier as a result...

So a visit if you're in the area would be recommended.


Pete said...

ah a lovely place eh.

whose that friendly chap waving at you... ;D

Roy said...

Quite a visit Tricia. Beautiful flowers. I did see a bit about the place on TV the other day.

Anonymous said...

[quote]whose that friendly chap waving at you...[/quote]

Spoiling the picture, more like!! ;)

Looks an interesting place. Another to add to the list of things to do!

oldcrow61 said...

What wonderful colours in the flowers. I love the eagle with the grapes. All the statuary is fabulous. I love the bathhouse and the bridge as well. Great stuff!

SPD said...

Looks fabulous!

Mel Lloyd said...

Hmm. Lovely shots! I live near to Wrest Park and haven't been since the restoration. Your blog has prompted me to plan a visit. Thank you :-) Mel

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