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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dull, grey and birdless...where went the sun?

It was going to be a wet day but it was reasonably bright when daylight dawned and still dry; I headed north for London Wetland Centre.... it got mistier and mistier and darker and darker!!

By the time I got there it wasn't too bad but the light never seemed brighter than dusk all day.

So a very very few pictures.

A Male Sparrowhawk sat for a long time in the bushes - oh for some decent light.

But the trip was worthwhile because of the company - thanks Rosie, Rick, Gary and Oscar :D


holdingmoments said...

Dull and misty here too Tricia.
That Sparrowhawk looks a beauty.

Roy said...

Nice shots of the Sparrowhawk Tricia, it stands out very well under the circumstances.

oldcrow61 said...

Nothing wrong with those pictures. That sparrowhawk is a beauty..

Little Brown Job said...

Love that Sparrowhawk, really vibrant colours. Stayed grey all day here too but managed to catch the rare sunshine on Sunday :-)

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