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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

London Wetland Centre... and a seaside sunset

The weather threatened rain on the south coast today so, in a moment of rashness, I decided to head inland to old haunts.

I started off in Barnes... nothing very near to photograph..
My first siskin of the season... female

and for old times' sake :D

A crow sat aloft...

but not for long..

"Be afraid, be very afraid" ...!!

Green Woodie just wouldn't play ball for the camera..

and a Grey Heron decided it didn't want to be photographed either!

Cormorants preened..

The view as you enter the reserve..

and I always like this view as you cross over the first bridge..

The plan was to go into Kingston-upon-Thames to visit a particular shop... I headed up the ramp of the car park... several cars queueing so I turned round and gave that up!!

Where to now? I was getting hungry and wanted to visit Bushy Park.... I got nearly there and - STOPPED!! There had been an accident early morning on the M3 and this had caused a traffic back up for miles around... I couldn't get across the roundabout to Bushy so..... I headed back down south... still hungry.

Stopped at Warnham nature reserve for a quick bite and then headed back towards home. I took a detour around the Shoreham area looking at it as a potential area to buy a house... not that good for me.

But on the way back and travelling westwards I was heading into the setting sun. Managed to park the car before I lost all the light and took some pics of a still very turbulent sea around Worthing Pier.

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oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous pictures. Love the crow ones.

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