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Sunday, 20 November 2011

A foggy day.. in London town...

We left in the dark to catch the train (tube) to London... I've never seen one so empty :D We also left in thick fog!!

As we arrived the fog started to lift.. but still misty in some places. The sun, when it arrived, was warm... still difficult to believe it's November; the only clue being I could see my breath in the early morning colder air.

Autumn colour is just about hanging on as there hasn't been much wind to cause the leave to fall from the trees.

Some of the pictures were difficult to take in the low sun.

Queen Victoria.. and yes - she doesn't look very amused does she :D

In St. James' park...

This cottage was originally used by the birdkeeper of the park

A slight detour out of the park to Horseguards Parade

Back in the park..

And then on to the Concert. Today a cellist and pianist playing Beethoven and Franck. They were good but somehow I couldn't get into the music today... The players didn't appear to be so emotionally involved in their playing as I've seen with previous musicians.. perhaps I'm just not a fan of the cello.... but we've got the next concert ere too long :D


Eagleseagles said...

cello is a very evocative instrument- you ever hear Jacqueline du Pre play?


Midmarsh John said...

The squirrel looked well fed. Our village ones look a lot thinner.

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