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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Some impromptu birding...

Having had a good time over the last couple of days, I came back down south to home and had a detour via Warnham Nature Reserve. It's quite a small reserve with a very large pond and three hides.

From the first one, several geese were observed - Greylags and Canada and the usual Mallards, Coots etc.

Having left the first hide I walked through the wildflower meadow where six of these Hebridean sheep have a home. Their job description being to keep the brambles down to allow the regrowth of the wildflowers. I stood watching them and this is about as exciting as it got :D

Had a good day up in Norfolk and came back down home again this morning. On the way back a made a detour to Warnham Nature Reserve
Further around is a long hide where you can watch the birds on several well stocked feeders. Five female pheasants and 1 male were hoovering up underneath the feeders; a nuthatch visited regularly as did Chaffinches, Robins, Blue and Great Tits, a Goldfinch and....

......a Great Spotted Woodpecker

The sun was still shining and it was far too nice to end the day so I headed off to Pulborough Wildbrooks.

Just by the visitor centre, this is the view at the beginning of your walk around the reserve

Lots of ducks and geese; a Firecrest had been seen but despite standing and watching it didn't appear whilst I was there. I saw my first Redwing of the Autumn and amazingly, a Song Thrush was singing in full voice - wonderful!

And it was a great surprise to see a Red Admiral flutter past in the warm sun .... this time last year we had snow!!

Out in the fields and meadows many geese were kept company by large herds of Fallow Deer. They are getting quite numerous these days.

Cattle are being grazed.

A squirrel "If I can't see her, then she can't see me"!!


Liz said...

Hi Tricia,

Lovely photos; A Red Admiral??!!! Man, that's crazy!!

Ragged Robin said...

Some lovely photos there, Tricia. Well done on the late red admiral sighting.

You are lucky to have some great nature reserves fairly local. Shame about the firecrest (one of those species I have never seen despite chasing after several locally :D).

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

A place to visit Tricia.

Glo said...

Such a lovely variety of photos :) Really enjoy seeing where the areas you visit with their interesting inhabitants.

Pete said...

lovely pics Trish. I like Warnham!

oldcrow61 said...

Love the pictures.

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