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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Grey skies but a colourful day in Lavenham and Long Melford

We headed off in the gloom today (well grey skies at least).  Pete took me though the pretty route to Lavenham... probably the best (and only real) example of a medieval village still in existence.

The church was celebrating Easter with its floral decorations, all beautifully arranged by the 'flower' ladies of the church.  They were arranging all the flowers while we were there and their results were excellent!

En route a large bird flew across right in front of the car - a Tawny Owl - wonderful!!

During the day we were to see two kestrels, not far from each other on the edge of the road, buzzard and a sparrowhawk..

and then out from the church and around the town..

A welcome cuppa in a tea room and then on to Kentwell House and Gardens at Long  Melford where this weekend there was a "re-creation" of what the house was like in Tudor days..

Sadly, in general, there's an air of neglect although this may not come across in the pictures.  It's been privately owned now for in excess of 40 years so lack of finance could be a possibility as reason for this.

Nonetheless, despite the cold it was lovely to walk around, and get a glimpse of Tudor life in so doing.

Signs of spring were evident with all the daffoldils, newly born lambs, a peacock displaying and wild flowers growing.

A lovely and very interesting day out and tomorrow?  A classical concert... which promises to be good.... more of that another day ...


Wilma said...

Such lovely photos, Tricia. Surprisingly, the one that remains in my minds eye the most vividly is the handsome rooster.

Tricia said...

Thanks Wilma.. he is rather a handsome brute isn't he....;)

Jerry said...

Such a lovely and absorbing post Tricia. Enjoy the concert tomorrow - what's on the programme?

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