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Sunday, 22 April 2012

A quick dip into Warnham Nature Reserve and ID help pleasse?

Well, came back today from Gloucester - great time with good company.. thanks Pete.

Decided the 100-400 EF lens was getting neglected so popped in to Warnham on the way home.  Generally very very quiet but I was pleased to see a pair of Common Terns back on the pond again.  They seem to be there every year and were spending a great deal of time flying and swooping for food.  Occasionally they would land on the tern raft or one of the perches... good stuff!!

Spent sometime around the feeder area which was relatively quiet but probably because it was late morning.  And help needed please (hopefully confirmation) on a bird ID.. see further down..

Mute swan very well hidden and presumable incubating eggs...

Wasn't sure whether this was a young robin or weary adult.  It was being fed by a definite adult so I'm thinking young one.. albeit early?

A Grey Wagtail landed... on the furthermost post!!  

A Chiffchaff sang.... managed to get a quick shot but..

And ID help please... think this is a Linnet?  If so, first time I've seen one there..

And the energetic Common Terns... I was amazed to get these record shots as they were very active and fast today!!

And finally home... good weekend.. :D


Bryony said...

Hi Tricia, doesn't the Robin have a ring on its leg which must mean it is an adult?or am I seeing things?!

Eagleseagles said...

Linnet indeed! pretty

holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection Tricia.
I think your mystery bird is a Lesser Redpoll, judging by the black bib.

susan sammons said...

You might get a comment which says posted by bryony - she was logged in and I thought it was me! I was commenting on the robin which appears to have a ring on its leg so prob an adult?

ShySongbird said...

It looked like a very nice visit.

I would say your bird is Lesser Redpoll. I should think the Robin was engaging in courtship behaviour when the male feeds the female.

Tricia said...

Thanks for all your help girls and guys.

However, I'm convinced it's a linnet.. the colour under the chin (bib) (Keith) is red rather than black? May be a PC screen distortion .

You may have a point about the Robin Susan.. I hadn't noticed the ring on its leg.. so must be a frazzled adult!! (and thanks Keith) :D

Roy said...

Sorry Tricia, have to go with Keith on this one, its a Lesser Redpoll, (a Spring Male).

Tricia said...

thanks Roy. but but but I still go with Linnet... too much red on the breast for Redpoll???

Oscar Dewhurst said...

I would definitely say Lesser Redpoll as well Tricia

Tricia said...

OK guys.. I may have to give in.. thanks to all of you for your help.. much appreciated!!

Bill D said...

As said earlier, the Robin will be an adult female being fed by the male as part of courtship. This year's juveniles won't start developing their red breast until the autumn, long after the parents have stopped feeding them.

All the best


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