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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Windmill, Pulborough Wildbrooks & Nymans revisted

There's a windmill not that far from where I now live.  The road sign says 'limited opening'; the website says 'closed'.  I drove through the relevant village and it is quite obviously - closed and in private property I would think.

However I did manage a couple of pictures..would love to see inside it.

As this is the first season for me in my garden, I've no idea what is going to appear.  There's a much chopped about tree at the bottom of the garden which has produced wonderful blossom

If anyone knows what the tree is from this little evidence I would love to know what it is!!

I've had my grandson staying for a couple of days and we needed some exercise. So yesterday we headed off for RSPB Pulborough Brooks.  Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were in full voice but would not appear for a photo-call!

A Shoveler.. shovelled but far away..

A squirrel nibbled - but wouldn't face the camera...

Out in the fields were 3 calves...and another rear end here too..

And a very vocal wren only become visible this much...

And today?  We didn't have any snow or suggestion of it; in the mean the skies were blue and the sun shone.

We were going to a new, to me, gardens but they were shut on a Wednesday so we headed off for Nymans gardens.

Blossom and flowers everywhere... and need no further words from me..

and in the Plant Sales on the way out.. this little chappie rather took my eye.. and posed beautifully for me :D


Frank said...

Tricia ... I'll take a strong guess that is a form of Prunus (early flowering ornamental Cherry).

Hope you get a chance to see inside the windmill, one day.

Ragged Robin said...

What a beautiful garden and lovely flower photos. Hope you get chance to see inside the windmill one day. I've sometimes seen windmills been advertised as holiday lets and been very tempted to stay in one!

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