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Monday, 30 April 2012

Think I got a Lesser Whitethroat today..

Didn't have much time today because of family commitments but, the sun was shining and after all this dreadful rain with the 'promise' of more to come I escaped for a couple of hours and headed over the Pulborough Brooks... which was full of water..!

I was hoping to see something worth a picture or at least of interest in the wildlife arena.... somehow I wasn't disappointed!

As I started a very muddy walk, a bee buzzed around the blossom,

In birds terms,  I first came across a Dunnock... a young one I think?

Lots of rabbits today but this one just sat dozing in the morning sun.. 

Even the cows were being sleepy

So many songs today; a wren, blackcaps, whitethroats and the usual suspects.  The highlight of the day (no pics!!) were at least four Nightingales singing their hearts out.  It was lovely to hear!!  Pulborough Brooks had had a Nightingale event over last Friday/Sat/Sun... seems the rain didn't help!!

This wren showed itself briefly!

An adder was curled up sun-bathing

There were many Common Whitethroats about..and I'd heard a Lesser Whitethroat had been spotted.  And.... as I was heading back to the visitor centre this little beauty sat up singing... I knew it wasn't the song of a Common Whitethroat, but one of the staff in the visitor centre confirmed it was a Lesser Whitethroat.. I'd hoped so as it had the darker markings around the eye!!  (If anyone disagrees please let me know?)

Lots of water after all this rain!!

A bee was collecting pollen on this Dandelion

And then onto Mum's for an appointment... the tulips (and other flowers) in her garden are amazing!

and then back home.  The rest of the week sounds as though we're back to the wind and rain...hey ho!!


IOW Birder said...

Lovely pics and story Tricia. Hoping to get to pulborough with the wife at the end of the week...
If we arent all under water by then!!

Roy said...

A Lesser Whitethroat. I woud say you are absolutely right Mrs R.
A 'spring' male no less.

Tricia said...

Dave.. hope the weather holds for you... lots of Nightingales singing at the mo..

Roy.. I do enjoy being right :D thanks... what makes it a 'spring' male though?

(ps and btw... could it be Ms rather than Mrs. please... not applicable to me ...) :D

Roy said...

Yes I know you do.{:)
Its really dark grey head markings and the dull grey/brown back as opposed to the more brown on the Whitethroat male. Thats in my book anyway.

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