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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beaumaris and Penrhyn Castle

My apologies for those who've got the stamina to read my blogs and view all the pictures... I know I've over-indulged with the quantity of pictures but it was difficult to leave many out - it is, after all, my record and log of where I've visited on holiday!

The day started... the rain hadn't stopped overnight and the sound of rushing water greeted us....this was the sound of rushing water from the two rivers that conjoin in Beddgelert.

So where to on our last day in Wales... We headed off for the very pretty village/town of Beaumaris Lots of small shops and some rather nice bakeries and tea-rooms but we were there at the 'wrong' time of the day.

But before the town, we visited the church of St. Marys & St. Nicholas

Then a walk around the town..

We'd parked the car right down by the sea.... a bleak prospect today.

Beaumaris has a castle but given the appalling weather we decided to give it a miss in favour of our next destination.

We'd hoped to visit a disused priory in Penmon.. and whilst we drove up to it we elected to give it a miss and head off for Penrhyn Castle..another time and another visit perhaps..

Penrhyn Castle is strange... the decor is amazing if slight intimidating by its sheer size.  I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not but it was quite incredible to see.  It was built for Queen Victoria on the 19th Century so despite its appearance it's not actually that old.

We had a wander around the gardens and then visited the cafe... Some very warming Vegetable Soup and a cuppa were the most appropriate and welcome items for the day... and very nice the soup was too.

Then it was a tour of the castle..

The Dining Room table was laid as it was in 2002 when Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip were visiting.

and the much less opulent servants quarters.

and the kitchen

Back outside again and we'd noticed earlier that ropes were hanging from the top of the turret.. speculated that they were absailing and, on the way out, it was confirmed that is was.  Rather them than me.... this chap was half-way down... scary stuff!!

A Train Museum also featured in the castle.

The weather really had shortened our day so we decided to head back to 'our' village, Beddgelert for a cuppa and a walk.  We tried the 'other' cafe today and had a cupp and toasted teacake.. very nice.

Then off for a stroll around the village and along the very swollen river!

We'd planned to walk to a bridge and back but at this spot in the path, the river had burst it banks so we turned around and come back again!

So back to our accommodation... another good day out despite the weather.

And tomorrow?..................


Jan said...

Love the picture of Pete on the three-wheeler bike....... ;)

The Wessex Reiver said...

Blimey Tricia, nearly a centenary of photos, I'm now off to compare and contrast with Pete's? Love the garden and the man on a tricycle

Tricia said...

Jan - thought he looked a bit wooden in this pic though!

oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, I love the inside of the castle. So much wonderful stuff. I should have married a prince...sigh! ahaha!

martha said...

absolutely gorgeous place !

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