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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Birding at South Stack and Plas Newydd

Where to today then.. Pete had heard about a bird.. so off we drove northwards to South Stack which is a RSPB reserve on the cliff edge of north west Wales.. hundreds of Guilllemots, some Razorbills, we also saw Gannet, Fulmar, Kirriwake and a Peregrine Falcon.  But the highlight for me we a total of 4 Puffins which were lifers for me. :D

and only a record shot but it IS a Puffin :D  The first of 2 birds that I'd hoped to see and didn't know that we were destined for this location to see them.. a lovely surprise :D

What an amazing start to the day... added to which heard, then saw, two Chough flying up on the hill...   I'd mentioned to Pete a while ago that I'd never seen Chough.. and now (don't know how Pete miraculously  produced them but...)...woo hoo..Wonderful stuff!

Then on to NT Plas Nywedd

This gardens stands on the banks of the Menai Straits   It's an attractive garden and after walking for about 1 hour we decided it was lunch (or rather cake) time.  Today we had Chocolate and Lemon Cake.. divided equally in two ;)  Very nice it was too.

The weather was still sunny, so although we'd waited in case of rain, we now had a wander around the house.  It was a 'comfortable' house ...

A rather pink bedroom which the Marquesse of Anglesey had had as her own..

Had a great walk during the afternoon and before leaving it was time for a cuppa and.... (this time chocolate and Victoria Sponge) before driving back to Beddgelert.

After a quick 'refresh' we had a wander along the other side of the river.. the sun was still shining although black clouds threatened..

The pink in the greenery is hundreds of rhododendron bushes fully in flower.  These seem to grow in vast quantities in Wales.

This sign had another close by banning lorries.. seems that the Sat Nav geography is somewhat wrong.  We'd seen a similar sign on a previous trip elsewhere.

And on the telephone cable leaving the hotel.. a rather obliging and posing swallow.

Another great day with excellent weather... it's now raining but we're indoors.. and tomorrow?  Weather will dictate venue..


Jan said...

Shriek! Raining you say???? None down here, so keep it up there please!

jealous of the Puffins, still not got to Skomer, sigh, been promising myself that for 6 years now, but so difficult with Maisie, she will need a doggy sitter for the day. Seen Choughs a few times though luckily.

Fingers crossed you get a dry day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery, and what a lot of birds on the cliffs.

ShySongbird said...

Wonderful scenery, Wales is a lovely place to holiday. Well done on the Puffins!

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