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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Powis Castle.. in the sun!

It was thick mist first thing this morning.  But after a hearty breakfast in true full English style, we headed for for Powis Castle.  The forecast wasn't good and the wet stuff was anticipated...but as we left the mist had cleared, the clouds started to part and the sun shone through... it was a very warm day and Powis Castle is gorgeous!  The gardens are some of the best I've seen!

We also had a visit to the house (no pics allowed)... it was heavily ornate and very much influenced by Indian decor (Clive of India being the link)... not particularly to my taste but quite amazing nonetheless.

Loads of pictures so I won't say too much - except that we had some excellent Coffee & Walnut Cake and a slice of Victoria Sponge - for lunch ;)

En route (which was one of amazing scenery) we stopped for this view... now amount of sophisticated cameras can fully convey the breathtaking views..

and so to Powis Castle.. the gardens are amazing and some of the most beautiful I have seen...

Apart from a 'cake' lunch we stopped for a cuppa during the afternoon and finally, before leaving, we sat and had an ice cream.  Three male mallards spotted us... they were some distance away and, jokingly, I said to Pete that they were coming looking for food... well, I was right.. they waddled up to our feet and started begging for food... they were NOT rewarded..


Jan said...

Looks lovely Tricia, will have to get Alan to take me sometime.... Glad you had lovely weather, we did too a bit further south. :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, wow and wow again. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. Wonderful shots.

Foody said...

'rayyy!!! You've been in my neck of the woods. The closest you got was Powis Castle. We're between there and the coast. (And that's the first time I've admitted that in Blogland but as it's a comment on someone else's blog it'll probably go unnoticed by people who read my blog). I recognised all the places you visited, including the two NT properties in Herefordshire and Shobdon Church. I'm a big fan of Herefs. Glad you had such a great time.

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