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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cake for brekkie and Red Kites.. and SUNSHINE!!

We set out for Wales at crack of dawn; the M11 and M25 were so quiet of traffic - it was the most amazing journey as it went without hitch.... are we the only ones travelling today... great stuff.
And we saw 10 Red Kites and a buzzard or two driving along the M40...

First stop at Berrington Hall which Pete had visited before and praised the efforts of their Cake Baker - so it was with this recommendation that we headed directly for the cafe; Bacon Baps followed by a slice (shared!!) of Rhubarb Cake.. wow it was delicious..

This was followed by a walk around the beautiful gardens; house martins were nesting under the eaves.

I rather liked this - rather a friendly looking chappie ;)

Despite how it looks these two sheep were being very friendly..

We shared a sandwich for lunch whilst House Martins buzzed around us backwards and forwards to their nests.

And then, the final leg of the journey... we called in briefly to our hotel and then travelled all of 100 metres to Gigrin Farm to watch ... Red Kites being fed.

and it was great to meet up with Jan and Alan... and Maisie Mo of course :D

a great first day to the holiday.. and as the day got longer the sun shone more, the clouds moved away - perfect weather :D


Jan said...

Long time since I read any blogs... I must try and make the time from now on. Glad you had a great day, we sure did x

Roy said...

Super flowers and a super lot of images Tricia and more Red Kites than you can poke a big stick at.{:)

Glo said...

Looks like a splendid start to your holidays. Cake for brekkie (or anytime) sounds delicious. Great photos especially of the Red Kites! Have fun :) Maisie Mo is a cutie!

IOW Birder said...

Hi Tricia,
We hope to go ourselves in a few weeks. Where did you stay?
Lovely pics by the way :)

IOW Birder said...

Wonderful pics Tricia.
We are thinking of going in a few weeks. Where did you stay?

Jan said...

Tricia, you really ought to submit that gorgeous Red Kite photo to the Countryfile competition to go in their 2013 Calendar. :)

Pete said...

that Kite photo is good!

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