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Sunday, 19 August 2012

And it was very warm on Saturday - Sheffield Park

Saturday.... hot and sunny so another day out somewhere.

We headed north initially, to find another church on Pete's list -  St. Andrews at Gatton Park

From there we headed off to Sheffield Park Gardens - familiar to us both

Just a gentle stroll... considering the number of cars in the car park it was relatively peaceful.  We bought some sandwiches from the small travelling 'kiosk' in the gardens and sat on a bench in the shade looking out over the lake.  VERY nice!!

All this on what is reported to be the hottest day of the far.

A good weekend in great company :)

1 comment:

Rohrerbot said...

The angel's face? on the pew is creepy:) Love all the foliage color around the lake. Nice contrast. But the pink pond lily flowers really are nice bursts of color across the water.

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