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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I was loaned a Nikon camera...

Today I was up in London taking Pete's lens in for repair.  I decided to walk along the Thames and come back from a different station.  I had only the Panasonic G3 and the 14-42 lens - really testing to see if the lens performed as I wanted it to - need to make some decision about what to take on future foreign trips... :)

So just a few with the Panasonic.

I was standing on the bridge looking along the river when screaming alerted me.. this is an amphibious vehicle out taking folks for had come down a steep causeway into the river - at some speed!

Doctor Wenlock  - one of the Olympic Mascots along the side of the Thames.

and meet Ceremonial Speaker Wenlock.. who's role is "to keep the Members of Parliament" in order!!"

After being on the train I had a quick trip out to RSPB Pulborough Brooks - Pete had provided his Nikon D300 and a couple of lenses in connection with taking his lens into repair for him... so I was giving it a try out...

Hadn't got much time (and at that point I couldn't fathom how to change the aperture) just a few..

One day I'll follow this path to the Heathland..

Doves in front of the visitor's centre..

A picture of the view - above....

And one of the first photographable Emperors I have managed to get a shot at this year!


Rohrerbot said...

That is a sweet shot of the Emperor dragonfly! They are hard to photograph as they are constantly moving around....I've tried several times and I was a major fail at each attempt:) Beautiful shots.

Tricia said...

Hi Chris.. thanks for the comment and kind words. It was quite late in the afternoon and she was oviposting so I was lucky as she was relatively still for a while.. right time, right place it would seem :)

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