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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Otters at London Wetland Centre

Last Saturday... the forecast said 100 degrees was - we were in Florence!!  Today, somewhat cooler and duller and wetter.. more like April and August.

Haven't been to Barnes for ages so I thought I wander up today.  I'd not seen the new Otters yet so...

When I found them, it was feeding time so quite a few people watching this.  However, after a wander around the reserve I cam back and it was quieter.  In fact is was very quiet bird wise.   Saw a Robin, saw and heard a Ring-necked Parakeet (just the one -  unusually!) and apart from water fowl there was very little else to see.

A family of three mute swan Cygnets was the first sighting

Gatekeeper flutter

This was my very first view of the Otter.  There are 4 females in the enclosure and when they mature and the hierarchy is established, it appears that it's likely that 2 of the females will be moved elsewhere and a male will be introduced to the area.

Eventually all four came out..

Over the other side of the bridge, this young Mallarad was one of about 11...

Moorhens being fed.. three young in this brood

and elsewhere a young moorhen trying to find some sunshine..

as a Mute Swan preened

by now the rain had started so I headed off for home.

Given that Warnham Nature Reserve was only a slight detour from home I dropped in briefly.

There's a new bughouse... Known as "Buginham Palace"

and in the birdfeeder area, apart from a great tit, the only occupants were a couple of squirrels.

And, somewhat early I think (?) - a ripened Blackberry.  Don't want to think about Autumn fruits - just yet!!

Again, rain stopped play so I decided to call it a day and come home...and oh for some Florence sunshine and warmth!!

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

I love, love the otters. What a great bug house. You've given me an idea for a name for mine. I will be making a plaque tomorrow.

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