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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Birds on the beach....

I went in search of the Snow Bunting at Goring Gap today... and dipped.. as did others. BUT it was a glorious day and it was sunny and it was warm!!

As I loaded the car, the house sparrows were calling and the Starlings were looking dapper in the sunshine.

I headed off for Goring Gap.  The Snow Bunting was nowhere to be seen.. there were about 4 other birders there and no sighting by them either.  This time 15 Brent Geese were on the flooded field together with numerous gulls as usual.

I decided a walk on the beach was called for and donned the Wellington boots!

Several gulls, Sanderlings and a flock of Turnstones.  The light was very bright and difficult to get the sun behind me for most of the shots without spooking the birds!

From there... a quick trip down to Widewater.. but it was quiet..

and finally, a visit to WWT Arundel.. and ah.... my ears reminded me... it's half-term!!

but noneetheless it was good to watch a Buzzard circling high above

A pair of Bullfinches had been see... I managed a shot of the female buried in the bushes, but the male was not to be seen.

and a couple of female pheasants were having a dust bath!

Home to try and source relevant company to give me a gas supply!! Not an easy task!


Rohrerbot said...

You may have dipped, but you sure did get great shots of other birds! I would love to spot these beauties down the road:) Glad you had fun!

Ragged Robin said...

Some wonderful photos there Tricia. Isn't it wonderful to see some sunshine? :) Good luck with the gas supply!

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