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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sussex... bits and birds...

Was staying with my daughter last night and then onto see Mum on my way home this morning.  The day dawned cold and 'let's go scrape the car' but the sunshine was brilliant and the sky was blue.  So I drove the coastal way and stopped for a few minutes by the beach.

About 9 Brent Geese were in the field above!

and then I took a small detour around a private lake... there was one Great Crest Grebe; they've bred there for the last 3 years.. to my knowledge.

The lake had thin ice on it in parts..

A wing wiggle from the GC Grebe!

nipped home to unload the car and then a quick trip around Pulborough Brooks.. very muddy underfoot but the flood waters had subsided from when I was last there.

I pretty certain this is a Linnet

and dozens of rabbits scampered about

Hundreds of Wigeon... or so it seemed.. pity these four were partly hidden by the grass

Fallow deer seem (to me) to be increasing in number - certainly several herds of them in different places around the reserve today..

and, finally, a Goldcrest flitted through the conifers... these are the best shots I could manage, and that's not saying much :)

Still, as I desperately need to lose some weight, it was a great way to get some exercise.. I must get out for a walk every day... not enough exercise since the bad weather!!


Muddywalters said...

Great blog Tricia - well done for braving the cold. I'm a bit excited by two of your photos and was wondering if you had some others taken at the same time?
1. The Brent Geese - that Gull in the background on the right. Is that a black head? Possibly Med Gull?
2. The four Wigeon - the female on the right with the dark eye-patch. Possibly American Wigeon?

It's been a long week and I'm easily excited!

Tricia said...

Med gull? more than likely. I've 'accidentally' captured one there before and in that particular spot it's not unusual to see them I gather.

re the Wigeon? No idea..I'll post it in FBook on the relevant group and see what happens!

re your I'll pass on commenting on that one :D

Wilma said...

Nice to see sun and signs of spring your way in spite of the cold morning.

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