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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Canons Ashby - a first time visit

Right.. up with Pete as we were off to Canons Ashby, (in Northamptonshire) for the day.  This was a first visit for me and today - the sun was shining!! Can't believe it.. first weekend that it hasn't rained for..... well... a very long time.

We made good time so, as Pete had a church he wished to visit, we had a slight detour to visit St Marys at Great Brington.  The views from the church ground were pretty good too!

As we arrived, so did the Church Warden so we had a guided tour - which was great!



OK so onto Canons Ashby.  One reason for a visit is that this National Trust property was third in the 'Best National Trust Cafes.. so that's good enough reason for us,

We arrived and had a cuppa - accompanied by Victoria Sponge - rather lovely and Carrot Cake... this was Carrot Cake with a difference and probably the best I've had... wonderful!! Big smile!

Then a quick stroll around whilst waiting for the guided tour of the house.

My apologies if some of the pictures are out of sequence.. I'm having problems with uploading pictures to my laptop and blogger won't load pictures in the right order.

Nonetheless, a lovely day out.. with excellent cake and sunshine!!  And the company wasn't bad either :D

The diet has been suspended for the day!


Mark Walters said...

What a fabulous place. Really enjoyed your photos Tricia - what lens did you use today?
Those cakes looked very tempting.


Tricia said...

Thanks Mark.

Mostly used the Fuji XE-1 with 18-55mm lens; some of the close up shots are with Panasonic G5 with 45-170- not a dSLR in sight.

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with some great photos.

As I was just saying in a comment to Pete my friend has been suggesting we visit Canons Ashby - will definitely be going now!

Blogger seem to have recently changed the way photos are uploaded (at least on my blog!!) and its very difficult to separate them :(

Tricia said...

Thanks Caroline.. It was a lovely discovery and would be great to revisit in the summer when the garden restoration is complete.

Blogger is a real pain at the moment - as is the processing software I use for my picture management/editing.. my temper has been a little short !!

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots. I really enjoyed seeing them. Those cakes look divine! Meant to tell Pete that too. No wonder you two are always eating cakes,lol.

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