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Thursday, 2 October 2014

An enjoyable interlude at lunchtime in London

Well - off to London today meeting Pete for a concert at LSO, St Lukes.

The walk from London Bridge to that part of London is not the most inspiring and mostly buildings under construction.  However....

The sun was shining and it was warm so we sat in the cemetry for a while just relaxing and taking in the sun.

I'd just mentioned to Pete that we hadn't seem many squirrels on this visit or the previous one, when 2 of then put in an appearance!!

Then into LSO for :e

A piano concert by the very talented french pianist.. Lise de la Salle

The first two pieces both Brahms.. but ones that I couldn't really warm to..

Brahms... Theme and Variations in D minor and Two Rhapsodies.

However... I did enjoy the drama and variations of Ravels/ Gaspar de la nuit..

so a very pleasant day...  even managed to catch an earlier train than planned :D

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