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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Venice Day 4 - 23 Oct - Thursday a.m. when water came up

We had been debating whether to have a Gondola trip but instead, decided to go on one of the hotel's boat trips...better value for money, longer distance and a bottle of bubbles included... it was an easy choice to make.  However, that is for the afternoon...

In the morning we wandered around the city and took the 'bus' over to the other side of the canal.

San Marcos Basilica was a visit but wasn't overly impressed with the interior.. no photgraphy

A visit to the Doges Palace... we thought no photograpy was allowed but the signs meant 'no flash'.   However, it was actually quite nice to forget about taking pics and just enjoy the many paintings etc.

As we walked nearer St Marks Square and at the water's edge, we noticed that staging had been added....and it soon became apparent that it was a high tide... see later in this blog..

and here it became apparent why the staging... water was coming up through the paving slabs....

and this floor was covered in water.

The Bridge of Sighs..

A boat bus trip across to the opposite side...

to see the beautiful St Georgia Maggiore

Then a LIFT to the top of the bell tower for some pretty impressive views!

Back down to earth again to cross back to St Marks Square

At Midday the bell not only strikes the hour... but it's time for the Angelus bell as well!  These people were in the tower at Mid-day!.... Fingers in ears!

and after lunch.... our private boat ride.... more in the next post.... :)

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