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Monday, 10 November 2014

Autumnal Anglesey Abbey

I love Anglesey in the Autumn... I also love Anglesey in the Spring... in fact..  I just love Anglesey!!

I'd left fairly early so had a coffee before we wandered.
Sitting in the cafe, the boys admired the view from the window..

It's a good cafe here, lots of light and a very pleasant atmosphere

So off through the Winter Garden..

Several bees were enjoying the Mahonia...

Berries everywhere...

I never get tired of these trees..

and this will always be a favourite view to photograph..

In these trees were several birds.. I could't get a decent view but pretty sure they were Redwings.. and the berries on the trees would be very attractive to them..

Amazing number of roses still in bloom in the rose garden..

So lunch time... and I succumbed to a scone - now there's a surprise.. it was quite large and fruity but, although very nice..not quite as good as that at Lavenham's Guildhall on Saturday..

A pleasant morning and good to get some exercise and fresh air in beautiful surroundings....

and in a couple of days.... a different part of the country......

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