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Friday, 14 November 2014

Cotswolds Day 3 - Croome House and Park

The forecast for today was rain, heavy rain, followed by sunshine in the afternoon.  Amazingly that's exactly what happened!!

Pete suggested Croombe Park and I was happy to agree given I'd never visited before.

As we drove to Croome Park the clouds started to part and glimpses of sun were seen.  Still pretty grey at the time we arrived though

The cafe area has a 1940s theme - ergo the van parked there!

As we started to walk the sky got lighter...

and lighter, and eventually large areas of blue appeared..

Spindle berries.

and the clouds virtually disappeared - the sun shone - and it was warm..

Distance view of the house which is just starting to have service replaced.. i.e. re-wiring etc..

Ponders and Quacks came out with  us today.... so Ponders needed to have a look at the lake..

Fly Agaric

It was getting near lunchtime so we decided to look around the Church.

And then back to the tea-room for some very nice vegetable soup and a fruit scone - Soup was lovely but the scone came in at about 3.5 out of 10.  Didn't come up to the standard of yesterday at Hanbury Hall.

In the house, there are guided tours only in the morning but after 1.30 p.m. you can visit freely so we headed off for a walk to the house.

The roof of the Ice House..

We came across a very new looking bird hide - lots of Blue and Great Tits.  A coal tit visited as did a Nuthatch and a couple of Chaffiches.

We discovered when we arrived at the house, that we could climb to the top of the scaffolding - which afforded some great views!!

A couple of Pied Flycatchers blending in with the roof..

and a visit to the interior.  One day it should have some of its furniture back when it's ready to received it but a great deal of one room was bought by America before it came into the hands of the National Trust.

Hare Krishna and his people had been resident in the house for some years and it was they who were responsible for the colouring of the plaster work in the above pictures.

And a cuppa and cheese scone before driving back.

A beautiful day in glorious sunshine.  Is it really November?..

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