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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Venice day 6 - 25 Oct - Part 1 - Murano for glass!

Given our extra day we headed off to Murano - the 'glass making' island.  The Glass was amazing and, in some cases, very very expensive.  It was quite cloudy when we started out but eventually the sun came out and was lovely.

But this was street art!

and a detail of it.

This eagle in a shop window is fantastic!

Greengrocer selling her wares!

The Basilica dei Santa Maria e Donato

I'm still not sure what this is - I believe it's the font,  but it was quite beautiful..

and back out into the sunshine again..

This glass piece was created for Christmas 2007

by the artist Simone Cenedese

Pete waiting for the boat back..

This is the cemetry..

and Ambulances outside the hospital..

We sat here having some lunch watching the 'flea market' and then we headed into the Church - but the visit to The Basilica dei Santa Maria e Donato justifies its own blog post!

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