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Friday, 2 January 2015

Impromptu visit to Arundel... and got lucky!

Did the food shopping and as I was expecting to have any activities curtailed this weekend, I had a spur of the moment visit to Arundel WWT.  The sun was glorious - it's not going to last!!

Mute swan was having a bathe..

Cormorants were flying in...

I knew there was a water rail about.. and managed to get a very quick shot as it sped across the ground... just a record pic but pleased to get it

More bathing beauties..

Very dappled female Blackbird..

And a wren seemed to like dashing in and out underneath the tern raft..

and sitting in the hide, we were treated to 3 fly-pasts of Mr. Kingfisher.. he landed on the 'wrong' side initially with the sun straight at the camera... but I like the back-lighting

and then came to the other side, but partly hidden in the tree... nonetheless, it was lovely to see him.

and tommorow.. looks like rain for most of the day :(

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