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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Nymans for a stroll - weather bit murky today

Set out this morning with first call being for Petrol... to discover the garage of choice (Tesco's) was shut due to a power strike.. so alternative found.

Then discovered that, as a result of the high winds overnight, a fallen tree and flooding was blocking a principal of my route to Nymans... so alternative found.. a little further but...

Nymans currently have a 'sculpture' details of which can be found here and below..

During the day, I wasn't convinced... but may be when it's lit at night is the time to see it...

Hellebores are in flower..

as are Snowdrops

and Camelias.

and still just one or two roses!!

Sweet scented Mahonia..

and lunch today?... the usual Fruit Scone... very crumbly today.. perhaps a tad too much? but still scores a healthy 4 out of 5..

and as I eat my 'Sconch' ( read Scone for Lunch' ) ..
This was my view of out of the cafe window...

Pleasant morning and as I left.. yup... the sun came out!

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