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Friday, 3 July 2015

A local Vineyard.. my first visit.. Nutbourne Vineyard..

I've been meaning to visit Nutbourne Vineyard for sometime now.. and today I made it!!

The vineyard itself has wonderful over the South Downs.. and the vineyard is pretty picturesque too.

The 'sales' shop is in a converted windmill.  And I must say I was very well looked after by a knowledgeable lady on my visit today.  Had some tastings of some of the wines.. difficult to decide which I liked the most..... only  sip or two but....  some of Nutbourne wines have received gold awards...

There was an emphasis on wooden carved birds.. this one was by, I assume, the bar-b-q area...

I just love that in the New Zealand vines area, each row of vines, has been marked with a rose bush.

So did I make a purchase... or two.. or xxx ?  ;)

So combining my favourite and much loved flower - the Rose...with some new wines to try... not a bad local visit :)

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