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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Flutters and Flowers at Wimpole Hall

Glorious day.. sunshine and clear blue skies... to off to Wimpole Hall

I stopped at local Tesco's and found this Tortoiseshell flutter in the car park

I was early... and there had been a 'run' on... so the cafe was open... so how could I resist the 'scone of the month' which was blackcurrant... very tasty... and Messrs Quacks & Ponders also approved..

Started by having a walk down to the lake..

Loads of Canada and Greylag Geese everywhere

Some Black Sheep too..

and a largish herd of cows..

Back in the garden ... the Parterre garden...

and the other side of the garden in the fields I'd been walking through..

A young one!

Then a wander towards the walled garden..

and so many flutters, bees, beetles and other insects today.. wonderful...

In the orchard, I had to stop the lads scrumping apples..

and then a walk back towards the Farm

and then back the the wood sculptures...

and by now, I was peckish and it was beyond lunchtime.. so a fruit scone.. very nice!

and finally, a couple of swallow nests.. this one had three youngsters..

Lovely day!

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