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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Batemans.. the home of Rudyard Kipling..

I was speculating where to go today... that wasn't one of my regular places to visit... Pete mentioned Batemans... well... looked at the route and timing and decided... well why not?

I got stuck behind a horse box, travelling very slowly.. for its occupants.. for 10 miles along a single lane road.. with no overtaking... not best pleased!!

However, once I arrived peace was restored.

I went for a wander around the garden.

A few Broad-bodied Chasers over the water, but none staying still long enough for a pic..

Mr Ponders sat and gazed out over the pond watching the dragonflies flit about... think he was rather hoping a cuppa tea would appear ;)

After walking for a bit... he admired the more relaxed part of the garden.

and did rather like it here... lots of water :)

the roses were beautiful....

the house was now open so I had a visit.. it's almost as though Rudyard Kipling stepped out of the house as I arrived.. a lovely lived-in feel....

and then for a visit to the cafe for a ... fruit scone!!  which I had with jam and cream.. The scone looked lovely and was crisp on the outside... plenty of fruit and flavour was pleasant.. but it was a little on the dry side.. so.. I was glad I had jam and cream today...

Mr Ponders said it looked good. but... he would have liked more moisture too...

and then a walk to the Mill.....

More broad - bodied Chasers here... but far too flighty again!!

There were a pair of Pied Wagtails gathering food.. I think they must have had a nest nearby.  Also saw a Grey Wagtail but it was off before I could get a pic!!

and back into the garden again.

I walked through the car park to find the Quarry Garden

before heading off home... a very pleasant visit in beautiful sunshine, blue skies and a lovely cooling breeze.

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