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Sunday, 5 July 2015

A sunny afternoon at Warnham LNR

Woke to grey skies and rain... but the garden needed it... it didn't rain enough so I had to water the garden!!  Expect a hose pipe ban or torrential rain before long.

After shopping for some essential supplies, I head off to Warnham in the afternoon.. and the sun came out

The pair of Common Terns still have 3 young.. which is great.  The tern raft has plastic sides so the chic pics are never that sharp.. and the raft is a fair way out.

Walking through the meadow, the wild flowers are a treat

Over in the Woodpecker hide, the usual crew were about

Not sure what was happening here... a tatty adult maybe?

Mother Mallard

and child!

Lots of young Great Tits about..

Went round to the roadside and had a look at the weir... no signs of the Grey Wagtails today..

Young Moorhens waiting for a meal..

and Mallards dozing in the sun.

Pleasant trip out...

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