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Sunday, 23 August 2015

A wet wander around Warnham LNR

I knew the weather was going to be bad today... lots of rain forecast for this afternoon... so I went off to Warnham.... pity the rain got there before I wanted to leave - and it was more like twilight than morning light!!!.

So mostly birds looking rather bedraggled in the wet stuff...

Around the feeders:

Huge flock of Greylags... probably around 100 in number (at a rough guesstimate) ..

Out on the pond... Mallarads perched on the branches..

And then I espied a Great Crested Grebe... she had two chicks...

Having ejected them from her back (they didn't want to leave... after all it was pouring with rain and nice and dry under Mum's feathers) she then had a preen..

Then Dad appeared with a fish which he fed to one of the youngsters..

Before going off fishing again..

A young Tufted Duck.

and a trio of Greylags..

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