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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Stoneywell... I love this house

After a hearty full English, we set off for Stoneywell.

This is an Arts & Crafts house which I could happily live in... now..!!  and  designed by Ernest Gimson

Ponders felt Teddy needed a hug!!

and Blue Teddy also had a hug..

Well... given the title of Pete Duck - Ponders had to have his pic taken.... thinking of his pals Quacks  Pete..

A good swing has to be shared with your bestie buddy... :)

 Excellent scone - and thanks to baker Sue (?)

and from Stoneywell.. onto

St Lukes at Gaddersby

and the next church was: St Mary Magdelane, Stapleford...

and finally to Woolsthorpe, the home of Isacc Newton.. we had a cuppa and a scone... but was not a NT baked scone.. but given the size of the property.. could fully understand the lack of cooking facilites!!

and our final visit of the day to St Michaels at Straglethorpe...

It was an excellent day... the sun shone... it was wonderfully warm.. we achieved what we wanted to and it ended with a great bottle of wine and an excellent meal...  what a blissful day... and thanks to Pete... for being there for me today..

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