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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Glorious sunshine at Bourne Mill & Flatford..

What a wonderful day.... up with Pete for a couple of days having been released for the weekend from all duties involving Probate/Banks etc. etc.. we set off for Bourne End after some shopping.

It was glorious sunshine... and getting very warm by the minute...

First stop.. a scone and a cuppa... sadly not one on my top 10 list... but the two NT volunteers were

 After sitting in the sunshine with a cuppa we had a wander..

So where to next?  We headed off to a much loved favourite.. Flatford Mill... Given it was now lunchtime.. it was a lunchtime scone

The 'scone of the month' was...

and very tasty it was too...

We share the Chedder Scone and also a fruity one... not as good as the Scone of the Month... perhaps a little below the normal scone standard for Flatford..

Dozens, literally, of house martins and swallow around.  Needless to say, they always perched against the sun!!

House martins... must have been upwards of 30 in this tree...

Think these are sloes?

and finally, a swallow perched on the bell!!

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