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Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Workhouse & St. Marys at Bottesford

After a good morning at Clumber Park  we headed off for the Workhouse.  Built in 1824 as a place of last resort for the destitute the Workhouse gave a home to about 160 inmates.

(Thanks to Pete for the first picture)....

and from the Workhouse to the most amazing Church, St. Marys..

The chancel contains an amazing collection of the tombs of the Lords of Belvoir, which span almost 400 years.

and outside, the river runs through..

Another amazing day... the Workhouse was somewhere I'm glad I visited - very atmospheric and it was not hard to imagine the harsh life the inmates have... although having said that, I probably can't really imagine what it most of been like...but it makes me appreciate the comfortable living (in the main and by comparison) we have today,


Midmarsh John said...

I remember my grandmother using a dolly tub like those in the second photo and I used to turn the handle on a mangle, like the one in the third photo, for my mother.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Just about in cycling range for me, is Bottesford...must have a good luck round when I go! Great heritage shots, and a lovely painted lady too.

Tricia Ryder said...


Many of the NT properties evoke memories eh John.. and I can remember my Grandmother having a wrangle too... great excitement when my mother got first washing machine .. a twin tub no less :D


Ah local to you... its a lovely part of the world... enjoyed our stay there very much and thanks :)

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