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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Back to Bushy Park & a Wander at Claremont Gardens

I was awake, as usual, at silly o'clock but the stars were twinkling.  As light dawned the sky was still clear and the sun was shining.  So up and out to Bushy Park.

It was rather chilly in a keen wind but wonderful to see blue sky...

A Gadwall on the pond

Right over the other side were a few Red-Crested Pochard... not an unfamiliar sight here

I went round the top of the pond and back down the other side.  It was beginning to cloud over and I was facing straight into the sun .. and glare!!

Took these shots against the sun.. but couldn't get a better position without walking into the middle of the water!..

Grey Heron having a bad hair day..

and a younger Grey Heron further around the park..

Out on the Diana Fountain, a gull watched the world..

and two, of three, Cormorants looked on as well

I decided to go on to Claremont Gardens.. the light was going and it was getting near lunch tie

Lovely views across the lake to the amphitheatre ..

Finally, Mr Ponders got out to admire the view.. but he was balancing rather precariously on a slim branch above the water!!..

A retreat from the, now, very cold wind!!

By now I was getting pretty hungry... so headed off to the Tea Room.  And a sight of a basketful of fruit scones was there before my very eyes...

So I had one... as on my previous visit.. it was a great scone...5 star quality.  I understand it was Chef Nick who baked them today... so (hoping this is correct) many thanks Nick... excellent!!

So off towards home.  I was going to call in elsewhere but as I got nearer, the sky got blacker and it started pouring with rain

1 comment:

Wilma said...

Beautiful gadwall. Glad Mr. Ponders stayed dry.

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