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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wet and Windy. Town of Arundel and Warnham LNR

I headed off in the murk this morning for some cheese shopping in Pallants of Arundel.. I was a bit early so had a stroll around

The Mute Swan family of 7 Cygnets were out in the fields on the opposite side from the stream..

This is looking down the path.. the stream has flooded with all the rain..

A glimpse of Arundel Castle through the trees

and from the bridge looking along the River Arun

and from there into my local town for a quick bit of shopping before heading off to Warnham LNR for a short visit..

the light was dreadful!!
Looking out across the pond....

Around by the feeders .. lots of fungi

Just one adult and one juvenile Great Crested Grebe still... I assume the other Adult and Juvenile have now left.. I was advised the the juveniles are now flying..

One Grey Heron and loads of Mallards

and about 25 Teal arrive whilst I was watching.. also saw 1 Pochard. (no pics)

 Nice to get some fresh air.. albeit not the best of days weatherwise.


Wilma said...

A good day for webbed feet!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love the zebra stripes of young grebes! Your ones are younger than my local ones.

Your world there looks very similar to mine at the moment. Grey and wet, and glistening

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