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Monday, 2 November 2015

Fog, fog, sunshine & blue skies at Sheffield Park, then fog, fog.

I'd arranged to meet a  friend at Sheffield Park today; we conferred this morning given we were both shrouded in greyness and this fog.  The forecast offered a glimmer of hope, so we went ahead with our chosen venue.

And we might the right decision!!... Arrived in sunshine, blue skies and warmth.  I didn't even have a jacket on!!!

I visit Sheffield every year but this year the colours are even more stunning than usual.  The lack of wind recently has helped in keeping the leaves on the trees for a little longer.

No more chatter........ I hope you just enjoy the colours

We went up to the cricket green (my friend being a keen cricket follower :) )...
The first match was played here in 1845!!

It's a huge area and not even... it slopes quite considerably.. playing cricket here must be quite challenging!!..

This is the storage pond which feeds the cascades at the main pools.

Mr Ponders sat with us - it was so peaceful...

An amazing day  - in very good company//  I couldn't quite believe my luck... however, as I got nearer home, the grey skies were back - and I drove into the thick fog I'd left earlier in the day and the associated chill.....

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