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Saturday, 23 January 2016

A visit to an old haunt - Ham House in Richmond.

Where to that hasn't been visit for a while?  We set off for Ham House. many years since I've been there.  Ham House is on the River Thames so having got there early we went for a stroll along the Towpath.  Cormorants flew backwards and forwards.. they often breed along the banks near here.

It was cold and bright, but with mist rising off the river..

Marble Hill House on the other side of the river.

Lots of tufties about..

Ham House was built in 1610 - and occupied by William Murray and his family.. the house being a gift to him from Charles 1... the two had been close friend from boyhood.

AS soon as the cafe opened, we stopped by for a very nice scone!!

A great deal of the furniture and paintings are those that existed and some pieces of furniture are in exactly the same place as they were in the 17th century!

Lunch was going to be soup but it wasn't ready.. so a hot sausage roll and a cuppa before driving back.. Lovely day with some unexpected sunshine.


Wilma said...

Was it Mr. Ponder's first visit? Love the shot of Marble Hall with the mist rising.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Wilma... yes, first visit for Mr Ponders.. and I agree... Marble Hill House rising out of the mist ... :) ..

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Unusual to see a tufty with a big quacky smile like that!

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