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Friday, 1 January 2016

As we go from 2015 to the new year of 2016 ...

2015 has seen some very good things for me and one that was not good...

2015 was the year that I lost my Mum at the ripe young age of 96.  She had been such a lively person with a great sense of humour, a twinkle in her eye and someone who had a great impact on my life.  After she lost her husband (my stepdad) in 2002, we went on several holidays together - even venturing as far as Scotland on one trip - and she thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  The latter holidays a wheelchair came with us - but, as Mum said.. without the wheelchair she would have missed out seeing so much in the later holidays.

And that is how I will always remember her 

I've been lucky enough over the last few recent years to enjoy many holidays - (thanks to you Pete for your company as ever - good times and great memories)....- something that I'd not been able to take for some years prior to that.

Italy will always be my favourite country with Florence being the most significant city for me for some very happy memories/associations....and it's there we're off to on our first holiday of 2016

  • We will be returning to Verona and then on to Florence.  
  • and then discovering Madrid for the first time
  • Off for a return visit to the Lake District
  • and finally to Lucca and Bologna

Bologna will be a first for staying having only spent a day there before.  The other Italian destinations I've been to before, but this time using them more as bases for visits out from there.

The Lake District is reasonably familiar as my daughter and grandson lived there some years ago and as such, has some happy memories for me.  And it will be good to go back - especially with a camera; not something I really used in past years so........ expect lots of pictures

So... I'm really looking forward to 2016 and all that it promises....

a very happy new year to you all
 I hope it brings you health, peace and happiness.. and all else that you wish for yourself....


carl dennis said...

Enjoy your year mum. You deserve some happiness.
Carl. Xx

Wilma said...

That is a lovely photo of your Mother; she looks like she was good company. You have a great plan for 2016. Looking forward to photos from travels and walks. Cheers!

bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia
Thanks for the photos and tales of your trips far and wide from 2015. I hope that 2016 will be even better. Don't eat too many scones!!!



Tricia Ryder said...

Carl... thank you - your comment means a lot to me..

Wilma - She was indeed good company... and I'm getting excited about my hols.. the first of which is now less than 3 months away!!

Maurice.. it's uncanny but I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were so it's really good to hear from you. As usual, thank you for your kind comments and help with all the IDs I've needed :) Hope you and yours have a good 2016 ...

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