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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Widewater Lagoon and Warnham LNR

Had to go down to the coast area this morning, so popped into Widewater Lagoon on the way back and the sun was shining.

Only one RB Merganser about - a female who was sleeping

and preening

and out of the water .. sleeping

Something then startled the Mergaser and a adjacent gull and she flew off.. and that . was that.
No Gooseander today...

Then had to go to local town to collect some new specs... which were wrong.. so now the Opticians have to change the lens again...

Popped into Warnham en route as rain was threatened later in the day

Sheep dozing... there's 17 of them keeping the grass in trim in the wildflower meadow.

About 4 Siskins about - nice!


Loadsa Chaffinches..

I thought from the back of this bird, it might have been a Mealy Redpoll - but now I would say Lesser Redpoll...

But there were two or three Lesser (?) Redpolls about

and the usual several Tufties... there had also been a Little Egret but that had flown before I got into the hide.  And the juvenile Great Crested Grebe is still about..

A pleasant wander in the winter sunshine... and we had rain later!!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Those black sheep look like the Hebrideans that were rescued from the nature reserve here! Lovely siskins, a bird I've never seen would you believe!

Kite1035 said...

Nice selection of pics

Tricia Ryder said...

You'll have to find a siskin Simon.. ..!! :D

and thanks to you, Kite1035, for your kind comment... I can't access your profile so can't pay a return visit...

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