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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Widewater in rain and Warnham in sun

Weather forecast promised a slight improvement today... went shopping and visited Widewater again.

This time, 2 pairs of Red Breasted Mergansers and...

Oooh I thought..

Yup, one male Goosander .. nice!!

Came home to have a snack and in the afternoon had some sunshine so popped over to a very water-logged Warnham.  The Tern hide walkway to the door was underwater.. so went no further.  Even ettig across the boardwalk to the Woodpecker hide, I really needed wellies.. which were at home but managed to negotiate the flooded pathway.

Lovely to see a buzzard against a much-forgotten blue sky!!  Record shot only..

Male Reed Bunting was visiting..

One lone Siskin..

and a visit from a curious Jay..

A few Long-tailed tits which was good..

And that was that.. .. pleasant hour... and what will the weekend bring?.. more rain no doubt but it is noticeably colder - which is no bad thing!!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

So fantastic getting both the sawbill ducks in one place! The Goosander is such a handsome bird, desperate to get my own first shots of one

Tricia Ryder said...

Yep Simon.. was very lucky... Hardly seen Goosanders and now seen one in two different locations.. !! So am sure you'll get yours one day as well...

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