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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Florence - we arrived!!

Arrived in Florence by train from Verona and having to change trains at Bologna.  We had 13 minutes to find 2nd train as 1st train was late.. but we made it.

Hit the hotel and then out for a wander.

At the top of the Garden of the Rose.... this wooden statue with friends Messrs. Quacks (left) and Ponders (right)

No idea what this is... but it was quite large and beautiful.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Now is that a carpenter bumblebee??? A friend of mine in Spain sent me a picture of a blue black bumble like that.

Roy Norris said...

In the summer I have seen Artists with their easels standing under that bridge and painting the scene along the river.
I think the bee is a Carpenter Bee Tricia.

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