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Monday, 28 March 2016

Melford Hall after Storm Katie

Storm Katie hit hard.. but by the end of the morning she eased off and off we went to Melford Hall.

We were early as they had had to shut in the morning due to the storm so while we waited we headed off to Holy Trinity Church.

 Just got inside when we were asked if we wanted to go up the Tower... Yes please we said and up we went.

The first stage..

And many more stairs later, magnificent views over the surrounding area.. the wide was incredible up here so not much looking down from the top.... however, a few pics!!

The Tower!!

This building was once a hospital..

So back to Melford Hall..

Scones were nice but don't think they were home made.....

and today, Billie came with Mr Ponders..

and a group photo from left to right, Mr. Ponders, Billie, Bentley and Mr. Quacks

Very pleasant afternoon despite the wind.......


Linda said...

Beautiful series of photos. :)

Tricia Ryder said...

aw Thanks Linda for your lovely comment :)

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