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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Verona Day 2 - Off to Lake Garda - final pics

So, on Saturday 19 March, off to Peschiera del Garda.. one of the southern most towns on Lake Garda and easily reached by train from Verona.

We waiting for the train to take us - a short journey - Mr Ponders was keen to see his Italian cousins.

We saw very very many Great Crested Grebes (probably the most profilic birds we saw), several Little Grebes, Great Crested Pochard, Pochard, and a few Garganey (woo hoo).. amongst others.

We walked to the right to start with..  along the harbour with many lush boats moored..

Italian Sparrows everywhere

The sky and lake were blue... and sun warm... great place for contemplation

such clear water!!

Mr Ponders enjoyed sitting and gazing..

We'd seen many Great Crested Grebes with young on our last visit.  This time being earlier it was time for head wagging......

Fishing Cormorant...

There were 2 lizards here.. deep down in a crevice in the rocks... they seemed aggressive..

Many Mute Swans

Grey Heron

Little Egrets

This was a weird sight.. at first couldn't make out what it was.  But it turned out to be Cormorants perched on the top of reeds below which seem to be weights attached to a fishing net.....

Turquoise sails on a turquoise lake

and a wander back to the other side for lunch..

at a favourite restaurant - the food is good but the view and environment great - the Caffe Centrale.

A couple of Mallards dozing in the sunshine..

and waiting for lunch.

the view from our table..

and.... shock, shock... Pete ordered SALAD for lunch!!!!! ..

Mr Ponders wondered where all the wine had gone...

and a gentle stroll

Heading back to the station!!..

and at the Station!!

Fantastic day with glorious weather... we were to return...


Rohrerbot said...

Those Crested Grebes are awesome! Definitely stunners in the bird world. Curious slight distinction of the Italian vs House Sparrow. It's nice to see. Looks like a beautiful trip with lots of great memories.

Anne Hagman-Niilola said...

Wow! Amazing place and birds.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Chris.. yes lot of memories.. it was our 2nd visit having been there a couple of years ago.. still love it.

Anne - the wildlife is incredible. Last time we visited it was later in the year and saw a Great Reed Warbler.. a lifer for me.

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